• Cazones

    Barra de Cazones, Ver., Mexico .

    It should be clarified, Poza Rica does not have a beach. However, the closest one is located just 20 minutes away and is the Barra de Cazones beach where the river of the same name and the Gulf of Mexico meet. Here a fishing village settled that offers tours to snorkel or dive in the reef.

    At the foot of the beach, there are enramadas to eat ceviche and zacahuil tamale made with beef, pork and chicken bathed in red chilli sauce. Hammocks and lounge chairs are also rented. And, in October, all tourists are invited to participate in the release of hawksbill, olive ridley, white and green turtles.

    At the mouth of the river there are boat rides to enter the mangroves and observe birds from Canada and the United States.

  • El Tajín

    El Tajin, Ver., Mexico .

    The El Tajín archaeological zone is located 10 kilometers from Papantla and in 1992 it was declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, given its archaeological, cultural and historical importance. So all the travelers who arrive at Papantla have an unavoidable appointment there with the mighty god of thunder.

    The Totonac city stretched between the basins of the Cazones and Tecolutla rivers, but the area explored and recovered to date covers about 10 hectares where 40 buildings stand that in their heyday were covered in mural painting.

    The Pyramid of the Niches is the most notable of the set and also the most studied for its particular design that includes 365 niches, one for each day of the year. Other important buildings are the Blue Temple, with different characteristics from the rest of the complex, the building of Las Columnas and Tajín Chico. But a fact that draws attention is that 17 ball courts were found there, the largest number found in a single archaeological site to date.

    El Tajín has a Site Museum and, next to the entrance, the Papantla flyers perform their ritual dance every half hour.

  • Tihuatlán

    Tihuatlan, Ver., Mexico .

    Tihuatlán is a municipality located in the Mexican state of Veracruz, belonging to the Huasteca Veracruzana region, to the east of the Mexican Republic.

    Things to do:

    AkgnapunKitsistanka Ecological Reserve: Ecological Reserve dedicated to the rescue and preservation of species. House of the first jaguar born in quaitiverio

    El Cristo Redento de Tihuatlan: Spectacular sculpture with an enviable view

  • Papantla

    Papantla, Ver., Mexico .

    The town where vanilla was born. The solid Totonac cultural roots and vanilla perfume brought this small Magic Town to the north of the state of Veracruz to international fame.

    Papantla vanilla, called xanath by the Totonacs, is the ripe fruit of an orchid native to this area (vanilla planifolia) whose powerful perfume is highly appreciated in the kitchen as it enhances the flavor of desserts and cakes. The product has also been protected by the Denomination of Origin since 2009.

    Meanwhile, the colorful and risky dance of the Papantla flyers is an ancestral rite that is related to the cycles of agriculture and was declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2009.

    You can visit the El Volador Viewpoint, the Xanath Ecological Park or the Indigenous Arts Center

  • Tuxpan beaches

    Tuxpan, Ver., Mexico .

    The shining sun that hits your room indicates that it is time to get ready to go to the beach and spend a relaxed day listening to the waves of the sea. You just have to go to one of the beaches of Tuxpan that are located 11 kilometers from the city center.

    The beaches are characterized by being the safest for swimming because they are calm and shallow. If you just want to rest and sunbathe on the sand, the banks of Villamar, Cocoteros, Azul and San Antonio are ideal to enjoy a full day.

    If you prefer to do an aquatic activity, Isla de Lobos is one of the best places to dive, snorkel and camp. Immerse yourself in its crystal clear blue waters and observe the beautiful natural and artificial reefs. Stroll through the estuaries and get to know the four species of its mangroves: button, white, red and black.

    For lovers of fishing and diving, Tamiahua Beach is the ideal place to visit, its unique beauty will enchant you because it is a natural complex of estuaries, lagoons, islets and bars.

  • Tecolutla

    Tecolutla, Ver., Mexico .

    Tecolutla will always have a beach to surprise you with but, without a doubt, a very good option to get to know some of the most beautiful ones is to go to Costa Esmeralda, which is a 20-kilometer strip between Nautla and Tecolutla, along along the Gulf of Mexico.

    La Guadalupe, La Vigueta, Playa Oriente, Monte Gordo, casitas and Maracaibo are located here, so you will have many options to choose from and for this reason it has become a highly sought-after natural tourist corridor among visitors, who usually walk the sand. Toasted by the sun and enjoy the warm water that invites you to swim in it, it has even been called the small Veracruz Riviera because of the beautiful turquoise blue of its waters.

    For the more adventurous, they can camp, practice or kayak on the Filobobos River. And very close to that strip is also Hueytepec, an archaeological zone little known but worthwhile.

    Nor can you miss Barra Boca de Lima, which is located just 10 kilometers northwest of Tecolutla, an ideal place to dive or take beautiful horseback riding along its beaches.